Rhode Island Elder Lawyer

Covering The Costs Of Elderly Care

Our population is aging at an accelerating rate and elder law has become a hugely important issue for our clients. 10,000 baby boomers in the U.S. turn 65 every day and as they continue to age they will require some sort of supplemental or institutionalized care. Care is increasingly unaffordable without a long-term financial plan in place. The median cost for skilled nursing home care in Rhode Island is $9,581 per month. Assisted living will cost $3,300 per month on average.

The office of Asquith & Mahoney, PC, can provide guidance. We can put together an advanced planning strategy for you to take care of costs to make certain you or your elderly family member receives the best possible care. Our firm can also take on the complex task of having the elderly individual qualify for adequate Medicaid funding. Every state handles Medicaid planning differently and the laws are constantly changing. Our attorneys understand the laws and have a good working relationship with county and state authorities who make determinations for Medicaid payment distribution.

Providence Lawyers Protecting The Elderly

Because of their vulnerability, the elderly are often taken advantage of by others. They deserve and often require a special advocate to protect them from exploitation and to help them make certain that the right decisions are being made regarding their well-being.

The attorneys at our office can discuss with you all of your available options concerning special needs planning. We can also prepare power of attorney documentation to ensure that your elderly parent has an advocate he or she can depend upon in making financial, personal and medical decisions. This can include arranging for the appointment of a guardian.

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