Workers' Compensation Claims

Workers' Compensation Hearings: Injured Workers And Benefits

Workers will sometimes be injured at your place of business or while heading to or from work and each incident will need to be dealt with appropriately. Responding to such a circumstance may involve more than the cost of a claim. It can mean seeing your business subjected to various inspections, filling out DLT or medical forms, and attending administrative hearings. Defending these claims can prove to be inconvenient and costly.

Denise Lombardo Myers of Asquith & Mahoney, PC, has represented Rhode Island businesses and employees in workers' compensation, labor and employment cases for more than 24 years. She can advise you concerning the necessary steps to be taken and represent your interests at the Workers' Compensation Court. Our lawyers offer a full range of services to self-insured employers, employees and insurance carriers.

Workers' Compensation Claims Are Highly Complex

Workers' Compensation cases are heard before Judges at the Garrahy Courthouse in Providence. From the first pretrial hearing to a commutation, your business will require an attorney experienced in trying these cases and recommending legal options under the Workers' Compensation Act. Most claims involve compensating the worker for medical expenses and lost wages related to a work-related accident. Employers may also be obligated to pay for surgery, physical therapy and disfigurement.

Employees and employers may be required to petition and provide documentation to the Workers' Compensation Court or to the Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training. You may need to have supervisors and other workers concerning the incident interviewed and prepared for testimony. Even if the incident is not disputed, the RI Workers' Compensation Act provides specific benefits for the injured workers returning to a job.

The attorneys at Asquith & Mahoney, PC, can provide guidance through this highly complex process to advise on applicability of an affirmative defense, applying the facts to the relevant statute and addressing the necessity of obtaining expert medical opinions under the Rhode Island Workers' Compensation Act.

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